Gigantic Goanna Climbing Across House Shocks Australian Man

Facebook/The Telegraph
Facebook/The Telegraph

According to a report at The Telegraph, an Australian man was working in his shed when he heard a loud banging noise. When Eric Holland, 80, rushed to see what the problem was, he discovered a large reptile walking across the side of his house.

He told ABC News the reptile’s claws “had to be bloody 40 millimeters [1.6 inches] long at least.”

“It blew the cobwebs out of me,” Holland added.

The large creature is believed to be a lace monitor, or lace goanna, a native Australian reptile, which can grow up to about seven feet in length. Goannas are considered dangerous because of their sharp teeth and claws, but are also believed to be fearful of humans.

Holland photographed his visitor and was surprised when the photo made the local newspaper, though the image has since gone viral on social media.

“I couldn’t have been more shocked if a Martian had landed,” he said of the incident. “I’ll be wearing my long pants and my big boots outside, that’s for sure.”

Holland said the goanna ran off shortly after he snapped the photo, and he has yet to see it again.

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