Presidential Aides: Obama Has ‘Essentially Given Up on Any Significant’ Gun Control

President Obama Makes Statement On Paris Attacks
Win McNamee/Getty Images

On December 3 Politico reported that while Obama is pushing for more gun laws when the cameras are rolling, behind the scenes aides say he has “essentially given up on any significant gun control.”

They reported a similar situation among some of the most prominent gun control groups – a situation in which they are pushing gun control publicly while “leaders of the groups grumble” privately because the White House seems to be all talk, no action on gun control.

According to Politico, “Aides say he’s essentially given up on any significant gun control passing during his presidency.”

The aides stressed that the number of pro-gun members in Congress has only grown since the first big push for gun control following Sandy Hook. Because of this, the White House has “no strategy for dealing with Congress that leads to significantly tighter gun laws.”

The Congressional and popular opposition to gun control is so strong, that aides have shifted from talking about gun control Obama will pass to talking about why his supporters should give him credit for trying.

Politico reports:

White House aides often insist people should pay more attention to their actual efforts rather than whatever emoting does or doesn’t come out of the president. Aides claim soft progress: People are talking about gun control more, and all the Democratic presidential candidates are all pushing for stronger gun control, in a change. Obama aides say the president deserves credit for both.

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