EXCLUSIVE- Jim Jordan and Marsha Blackburn Will Be Featured at CPAC 2016 

Gage Skidmore/Flickr
Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Representatives Jim Jordan and Marsha Blackburn will be featured speakers at CPAC 2016, after the two conservatives voted against the trillion dollar budget bill. Both say they desire reform.

American Conservative Union’s Matt  Schlapp, who encouraged Congress to vote down the bill, announced Jordan and Blackburn will be featured conservatives at CPAC, ACU’s annual flagship event.

Jordan, who has an ACU Lifetime Rating of 100 percent, and Blackburn, an ACU Lifetime Rating of 96 percent, will address the nation’s largest meeting of conservatives.

“These two exemplary Members of Congress are continually at the forefront of reducing the role of government in our lives,” stated Schlapp.  “In addition to showing their conservative underpinnings by voting against the flawed budget bill this morning, Reps. Jordan and Blackburn’s entire voting history reflect a willingness to fight for the principles of a strong economy, a robust national defense, and enduring cultural values.”

The theme for CPAC 2016, “Our Time is Now,” comes from President Ronald Reagan’s CPAC address in 1981 where he said:

Our time is now. Our moment has arrived. We stand together shoulder to shoulder in the thickest of the fight.

CPAC is at the Gaylord Hotel National Resort in National Harbor, Maryland March 2-5, 2016.