Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon Featured on Roger Stone’s 2015 ‘Best and Worst Dressed List’

Bloomberg Politics
Bloomberg Politics

Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon was featured in this year’s 10th annual Best & Worst Dressed List for 2015, presented by legendary political operative and fashion maven Mr. Roger Stone, along with Anderson Cooper, Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, Sophia Lauren, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nick Jonas.

Known for his snarky take on the sartorial tendencies of America’s most influential public figures, Mr. Stone prefaced this year’s list with one of his greatest fashion tenets and what he dubs one of Stone’s rules, “Simplicity is the greatest elegance.”

Stephen K. Bannon made it onto this year’s “Worst” dressed list based on a Bloomberg photo shoot in which Breitbart’s head #WAR eagle was featured wearing shorts and a button-down shirt. Here is Stone’s take:

Steven K. Bannon – Literally the most dangerous political journalist in America. The man behind the cannon that is BREITBART NEWS. Bannon is pushing Alternative Media to new dimensions. Effective. Fearless. Dogged. Bannon cares not a whit about his garb. He is changing the political narrative as a counter force to the MSM everyday. Who has time for dressing? Bannon let Bloomberg shoot his photo in shorts dressed like he was at a summer frat party. Shame.

Others featured on Stone’s worst dressed list are Hillary Clinton, self-professed incestuous pedophile and rape hoaxer Lena Dunham, and possible future presidential candidate Kanye West whose “‘collection’ looks like homeless vagabonds pulled off the street.”

Hillary Clinton, who is described as “tasteless,” has been on Stone’s worst-dressed list for quite some time. Ironically, her husband and former President Bill Clinton, whom Stone refers to as a “serial rapist,” landed onto his “best” dressed list last year. In this year’s announcement, Stone points out his dismay—having “made more than $200 million while their phony charity under-writes millions in luxury travel [Hillary] dresses like a bag lady.”

Hillary’s right-hand woman Huma Abedin made it into Stone’s best-dressed category:

This woman is married to pervy former congressman Anthony Wiener. Hillary’s right hand woman, Abedin, is always perfectly put together whether she’s going to a cocktail party at the UN or a Muslim Brotherhood Cell Meeting. She reminds me of a young Jackie Kennedy in her impeccable fashion choices. Her choice of sunglasses is up there with Jackie O. The Most chic woman working for Jihad. Hillary’s Muslim Brotherhood handler. Can you say “Arab Spring?”

Joining Abedin in this category is CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, the host of Making Money with Charles Payne on the Fox Business Network, singer John Legend, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump.

Stone’s “Hall of Fame” consists of CNBC’s conservative economist Larry Kudlow, the beautifully feminine Sophia Loren, Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz, and France’s former supermodel first lady Carla Bruni.

At the conclusion of his 2015 report, Stone writes “STONE OUT! Let’s Make America Great Again in 2016!”

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