Gary Bauer Endorses Sen. Ted Cruz For 2016

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Gary Bauer, a leader in the religious-right and in the conservative movement, has endorsed Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Bauer served as Under Secretary of Education and as head of the White House Office of Policy development under President Reagan in 1987 and 1988. He also worked in a top leadership positions at the Family Research Council.

“Today, with great pleasure, I am endorsing Ted Cruz for President,” Bauer said Friday.

“Ted Cruz is a courageous conservative who has built a consistent record on the issues that matter most. He has fought for religious liberty at home and abroad.  He believes all of our children should be welcomed into the world and protected by the law. Ted knows that government is too big and that taxes and regulations are too high. He will rebuild our military strength and pursue a foreign policy that repairs our frayed alliances. Ted Cruz understands that Israel is our friend and that Iran is our enemy.  He understands that border security is national security. Last, but certainly not least, Ted Cruz is committed to restoring the rule of law and repealing President Obama’s outrageous executive orders.“

Bauer continued, “Ted Cruz can be trusted to nominate judges who will respect their proper constitutional role and resist the temptation to legislate from the bench. He is the clear choice of Reagan conservatives.”
Cruz also praised Bauer’s work and influence:
I have the highest respect for Gary and his impact on American culture and political life,” said Cruz in a statement. “As Chairman of President Reagan’s Special Working Group on the Family, Gary brought national attention to the importance of marriage and the family. He has been highlighting the issues that matter and addressing them with courage and intelligence for decades, and our nation is stronger because of it. I am honored to have Gary’s backing on this campaign.
In 2008, Bauer endorsed Sen. John McCain for president.