Senator Asks Donald Trump Whether He Will Roll Back Executive Power

Ben Sasse Reuters
REUTERS/Larry Downing

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska launched a tweet storm of questions for Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, asking him about things ranging from how he would govern as president to his love life.

Sasse asked five specific questions to Trump:

  1. You said you want single-payer “government pays for everyone” healthcare. If that isn’t your position now, when did you change? Why?
  2.  You’ve said you “hate the concept of guns.” Why the change? When did it happen? What’s the 2nd Amendment mean to you?
  3.  A few years ago you proposed $6 trillion tax hike. Do you still want to do that? Do you agree with Vice President Biden that higher taxes equal more patriotism?
  4.  You brag about many affairs with married women. Have you repented? To harmed children and spouses? Do you think it matters?
  5.  I believe one of the most damaging things POTUS Obama did is ignore the Constitution, act on his own and bypass Congress. Next Republican POTUS must roll this back and reaffirm a Constitutional system before we lose this special inheritance forever. Do you agree that executive unilateralism is very bad? Because you talk A LOT about “running the country” as though one man should “run America.” Will you commit to rolling back exec power and undoing Obama unilateral habit?

Sasse has not endorsed in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)–Trump’s chief rival–went all in for  Sasse in his primary, helping Sasse win.