Darrell Issa Predicts Marco Rubio Surprise in Iowa Caucuses

Marco Rubio John Raoux AP
John Raoux AP

Former House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is predicting a surprise after Iowa voters caucus tonight in the presidential primary.

During an interview with Washington radio station WMAL, Issa predicted that Rubio was “very much on the heels of number two or maybe even number one” in the state.

Issa’s prediction runs slightly against the official expectations from the campaign, which predicted a third place finish for the Florida senator. Issa said he was encouraged that Rubio had doubled his poll numbers from a year ago in the state.

“It’s been Marco Rubio that is not only surging but also, if you ask anybody … in Iowa, who’s their second choice? Who do they like the most even if they’re uncommitted or choosing someone else?” Issa asked, pointing to Rubio.

Issa endorsed Rubio in November and told WMAL that “Marco was always there” every time he went to him for help during any investigation against the Obama administration.

“With Marco, if he came on board, he brought other senators with him,” Issa said.