Jeb Bush Biggest Spender in Iowa: $2,674 Per Vote

Jeb Bush Holds Student Town Hall At Miami School

The 5,238 votes Jeb Bush received in the Iowa caucuses Monday night came following spending $14.9 million in the state, resulting in a cost of about $2,674 per vote.

According to vote tallies from NBC News and ad spending data from SMG Delta, Bush’s spending–which is more than any other candidate from either party in the race–put him in only sixth place in Iowa. More than a third of the spending by the entire GOP presidential field came from Bush and his super PAC, Right to Rise USA.

Right to Rise, as Breitbart News reported, raised $118 million during 2015 but only $15.1 million in the second half of the year.

Bush’s super PAC has drawn criticism for spending much of its money on attacking Sen. Marco Rubio rather than Donald Trump. Some of Bush’s donors are complaining he is “burning money” with lavish spending on high priced hotels and private planes, while his poll numbers have plummeted.

International Business Times reports the contrasts in spending among the GOP candidates.

Iowa winner, Ted Cruz, spent about $6 million, or $116 per vote, while Donald Trump, who took second place, spent $3.3 million and saw a strong return on his investment, since the cost to him was about $66 per vote. Marco Rubio’s $11.8 million saw him spending roughly $255 per vote for his third place win.

Rand Paul finished fifth in Iowa, and his super PAC spent only approximately $58 per vote, while Mike Huckabee, who announced he is suspending his campaign after a poor showing in Iowa, spent $623 per vote.

Rick Santorum, who won the Iowa caucuses in 2012, finished last this year, but the cost for his 1,783 votes was $32,350 in airtime, leaving the cost per vote at $18.