Donald Trump’s Ground-Game: Ups Campaign Stops, Not Data-Driven Outreach

People wait for the doors to open for a Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump campaign rally at Plymouth State University on February 7, 2016 in Holdernes, New Hampshire. Democratic and Republican Presidential are stumping for votes throughout New Hampshire leading up to the Presidential Primary on February 9th.
Washington, DC

With the New Hampshire primary looming, there have been conflicting reports regarding GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s ground game in the Granite State.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) suggests he’s relying on his “Star Power” and not a “good ground game.”

“In New Hampshire, the celebrity businessman isn’t using a sophisticated, data-driven outreach program,” WSJ reported on Sunday.

After Trump came in second in Iowa, earlier news reports suggested the real estate mogul was stepping up his ground game in New Hampshire.

He has changed his campaign style, as he is holding more small venue events and not only massive campaign rallies. For example, ahead of his campaign rally on Sunday, he had breakfast and mingled with voters at a local restaurant.

Trump also has a full schedule planned for Monday ahead of Tuesday’s primary, where he has scheduled two campaign rallies, and in addition, two town halls.

Last week, Trump was scheduled to meet with business owners in New Hampshire and also participate in a shift change at the Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department.