Marco Rubio Wants Suburban Voters To Carry Him To Victory

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) reacts after speaking at a rally at the Texas Station Gambling Hall & Hotel on February 21, 2016 in North Las Vegas, Nevada.
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

How will Sen. Marco Rubio compete on Super Tuesday when he hasn’t won a single state? The campaign is not yet willing to predict one state where the Florida senator expects to win, but they previewed a strategy that relies heavily on suburban voters.

The Washington Post’s James Hohmann reports:

Preparing for Super Tuesday, Rubio is focusing heavily on the vote-rich metropolitan areas around Denver, Atlanta, Nashville, Little Rock, Birmingham and Boston. Virginia also votes next week, and Rubio backers believe he can outperform Cruz and Trump in places like Fairfax, Arlington and Leesburg.

Even if he loses the popular vote in these states to front-runner Donald Trump, Rubio might still emerge with a lot of delegates – and momentum – going into the higher-stakes, winner-take-all races that begin on March 15.

According to Hohmann, the Rubio campaign followed the same strategy to help them finish strong in Iowa and South Carolina by focusing on heavily populated counties of suburban Republicans.

Rubio is facing increasingly strong headwinds as he continues to fight Sen. Ted Cruz for second place while Donald Trump dominates in many of the Super Tuesday polls. With Jeb Bush out of the race, the Rubio campaign is hopeful that more Republicans will rally behind the Florida senator to stop Trump.