Ted Cruz Scores Blowout Victory in Idaho Republican Primary

Cruz Arm, Thumb Extended Scott Olson Getty
Scott Olson/Getty

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has won the Idaho Republican Primary, multiple networks are now projecting.

With 56 percent of the vote total currently counted, Cruz obtained over 44 percent support. The Texas Senator is trailed by Donald Trump at 28 percent, followed by Marco Rubio with 18 percent support, and John Kasich at seven percent.

Cruz is well-positioned to harness a significant amount of delegates in the two earlier races Tuesday in Michigan and Mississippi, where he finished second to Donald Trump but secured significant percentages of the vote.

Cruz’s result may have surprised some, as the last poll taken prior to the Idaho primary had Donald Trump winning by 11 points. 

In Michigan, with 95 percent reporting, Cruz has secured 25 percent of the vote, trailing Trump at 37 percent.

In Mississippi, with 99 percent reporting, Cruz sits at 36 percent, second to Trump, who grabbed 47 percent of the popular vote.

The polls close for the last primary event of the day, the Hawaii Republican Presidential Caucus, at 1AM eastern time. No polling has been taken prior to the caucus there.

Later this week, on March 12, Washington, D.C. will host it’s Republican convention process, in which 19 delegates will be up for grabs.

Sen. Cruz will visit Miami on Wednesday for a campaign stop prior to the Florida Republican Primary on March 15.