Rubio’s Opposition Researcher Taunted Sarah Palin’s Speech Cancellation…Her Husband Was Hospitalized

Marco Rubio and Sarah Palin AP Getty

Marco Rubio opposition researcher Joe Pounder taunted Sarah Palin on Monday after she cancelled her speech for Donald Trump — but before the reason was made public.

Palin canceled because her husband Todd was hospitalized in a “bad snow machine accident.”

“@realdonaldtrump surrogate operation not really working” Pounder said in response to Palin’s cancellation.

Pounder has not offered a follow-up tweet apologizing for his remarks as of this writing.

Palin was supposed to appear at a Trump rally in the Villages in Florida, but could not make it due to Todd’s accident. She later made it to a Trump event in Tampa and then returned to tend to her husband.

Pounder has been responsible for running a full-fledged attack on Trump from his perch at the Rubio campaign. As Breitbart News reported, the Rubio camp launched seven coordinated last-minute attacks on Trump before Super Tuesday. The attacks did not work well, as Rubio continued to decline in the delegate race.

The Rubio campaign did not immediately return a request for comment for this report on Pounder’s remarks.