Arkansas Man Accused of Video Voyeurism for Second Time

bathroom stall

A Benton County, Arkansas man named Stephen Quincee Walker pleaded guilty last week to felony video voyeurism charges, according to the North Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

The witness, who’s a J.B. Hunt employee, told police in an affidavit that he was in a restroom stall when he noticed a camera phone dangling from the stall next to his own. The man told police that when he confronted Walker, the suspect apologized and explained that he was trying to pull a prank.

The witness left the restroom and reported the incident to his supervisor, who decided to call the police.

The man also told police and J.B. Hunt security that he saw Walker looking down at him as he pointed his phone over the stall.

The police arrested Walker and seized his cellphone.

Investigators found several videos on Walker’s phone of unidentified men using urinals.

Turns out, Walker pleaded guilty to similar charges in 2012. Walker was charged with misdemeanor video voyeurism and was sentenced to serve a year in the Benton County Jail.

Walker is scheduled to be arraigned on June 6 in Benton County. Prosecutors have yet to file formal charges against him.

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