‘Sell Drugz’ Rapper Arrested for Allegedly Selling Drugs

Lebanon County District Attorney's office
Lebanon County District Attorney's office

In news that may surprise no one, the rapper behind the song “Sell Drugz” has been arrested and charged with selling drugs.

Michael Persaud, better known by his stage name Montana Millz, and an unnamed female accomplice allegedly sold heroin to an undercover police officer in Pennsylvania, NBC12 reports.

The Lebanon County district attorney’s office said the budding rap star sold as many as 70 bags of heroin to an undercover officer, whose department was undergoing a month-long sting operation.

Persaud was subsequently arrested on October 28.

Police raided Persaud and his accomplice’s hotel room and uncovered more than two ounces of heroin. The drugs carried a street value of more than $11,000.

Both suspects are from Johnston, Rhode Island, and are currently in jail awaiting trial. Rhode Island is currently fighting a multi-year, uphill heroin epidemic.

Montana Millz, whose other songs include “Gun Play” and “Armed and Ready,” joins a long list of rappers who have been arrested and charged with selling drugs.

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