Donald Trump Urges House Republicans to Support Obamacare Replacement Bill

AP Photo
AP Photo

President Donald Trump traveled to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to rally Republicans behind the house bill to replace Obamacare.

The meeting was closed to the press, but several members of Congress spoke to reporters afterward.

According to sources inside the room, Trump lightly challenged House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows for not supporting the bill.

“Oh, Mark, I’m gonna come after you,” Trump said to Meadows with a smile during the meeting as his Republican colleagues laughed, according to several reporters on Twitter.

“I hope Mark will be with us in the end,” Trump added. Meadows was an early Trump supporter during the campaign, but he has repeatedly signaled his disappointment with the bill.

The House Freedom Caucus is meeting again today to decide its position on the bill, as the vote is scheduled for Thursday.

Meadows still opposes the bill and maintains that enough Republicans oppose it to keep it from passing in the House.

Despite reassurances from senior White House aides and Republican leadership that the bill is open to changes, congressional sources tell Breitbart News that significant changes have yet to materialize.

The House Freedom Caucus is expected to announce its position on the bill at some point Tuesday or Wednesday.