Salon: The Case for Clinton in 2020

Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first woman to win the presidential nomination of a major US political party, securing the backing of Democrats at a rowdy convention in Philadelphia

Matthew Rozsa pens an op-ed at Salon with the headline, “Here’s your leftover turkey: The case for Hillary Clinton 2020.” The sub-headline reads, “What better way to honor the holiday than with a spiteful argument for yet another Clinton candidacy?”

Rozsa offers four reasons why Hillary Clinton 2020 is a good idea, including that she “has earned the right to be considered the presumptive nominee in 2020” and that “[w]e can expect her to be a good president.”

From Salon:

Are you sick of Republicans? Or just right-wingers in general? Do you want to send a message to Washington that you aren’t going to buy into their racistsexistxenophobichomophobic and classist nonsense for one second longer?

Then do the very thing that Donald Trump unintentionally encouraged in a recent tweet: Encourage Hillary Clinton to run for president in 2020!

I can’t think of a single political figure in recent American history who has been hated as deeply, or for as long, as Hillary Clinton. From the moment she emerged on the national stage in 1992 as a distinctly feminist prospective first lady, she has been the target of right-wing wrath woefully out of proportion to anything she has ever said or done.

The reason for this is sexism. It’s not the chic thing to say right now, but no other explanation really makes sense. Yes, Hillary Clinton is more centrist than either party likes these days, but why is she singled out for opprobrium here when her husband — who actually served as president — remains popular despite holding the exact same views? The same point can be made about the claim that she is corrupt or too establishment. To the extent that these accusations are valid, they are no more true of Clinton than of the vast majority of politicians from both parties (especially Trump).

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