Sources: Michael Bloomberg May Run for President in 2020

Andrew Burton/Getty

Unidentified sources told CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer that former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering a presidential bid — as a Democrat.

The three-term New York City mayor was elected on the Republic ticket, but turned to endorse Hillary Clinton’s failed run in 2016. Now, Bloomberg is thinking of doubling down to join his newfound allies on the left. It is not much of a shift; Bloomberg has always agreed with Democrats on issues such as taxes, climate change, and Second Amendment rights.

Should he decide to run, Bloomberg will be both the oldest and the richest man to have ever formally sought the office. Even should he choose not to, he is reinforcing Democrat Congressional campaigns with $80 million of his own money. One insider called the investments “an indication of where his head is at.”

This is not the first time Bloomberg has contemplated a run for leadership of the free world. He has also considered running in 2008, 2012, and 2016. Reportedly, part of what fuels his desire to make a go of it in 2020 is the feeling that he could have prevented Trump’s victory.

At a June 6 YMCA fundraiser, Bloomberg teased the 500 attending guests about his aspirations. “Before you leave I want to get your cellphone number,” he told them, “because I’m thinking of getting the band back together.”