'Act of Valor' Production Needs Your Help (To Thank Our Troops)

It’s pretty clear the upcoming action film “Act of Valor” won’t be your typical Hollywood feature.

For starters, the characters in the film are portrayed by active duty Navy SEALs. That means the film won’t portray the men and women who serve as law-breaking savages like director Brian De Palma did with 2007 bomb “Redacted.”

[youtube 1dS7XkRcD-c nolink]

This is a chance to see Navy SEALs in action, using their highly specialized skills to protect the nation and save the innocent. Heck, a movie like that just might draw a crowd.

And the studio behind the film wants to make sure the military knows Americans appreciate the sacrifices they make. Toward that end, the studio set up a YouTube page where citizens can upload their own “thank you” message to the troops. Some of these videos will be chosen to be used in the advertising campaign for the movie.

“Act of Valor” follows Navy SEALs as their mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent reveals a terrorist plot. The film’s co-stars include actors Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, Jason Cottle and Nestor Serrano.