Pelosi, Colbert Join Forces to Stifle Political Speech, Obama Gets a Super Pac Pass

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has had enough of Stephen Colbert’s political sheninagans.

Not really. The former Speaker of the House has unleashed a new faux political ad chastising the Comedy Central comic for his faux political ads. Their combined purpose? To squash the GOP’s Super PAC ads, of course, before they can take aim at President Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, Obama’s recent flip-flop on using those very same Super PAC ads goes unmentioned in Pelosi’s new video:

[youtube lLH0fT3mbe0 nolink]

In a new TV ad, Nancy Pelosi takes aim at Colbert’s Super PAC, suggesting that their former friendship (note picture of her signing his wrist cast) has been ruined by the mock-conservative pundit’s refusal to disclose the complete sources of his funding….

House Minority Leader Pelosi, who maintains an admirable poker-face throughout, is in league with Colbert’s not-so-stealth campaign to expose the abuses of PACs, as well as a supporter of the Disclose Act, a bill that’s been introduced to, as Pelosi says in this ad, expose the sources of “secret money from special interests.