Van Halen Cancels Shows, Cites Need for 'Break'

Van Halen Cancels Shows, Cites Need for 'Break'

Van Halen is taking a time out.

The aging rockers, reunited for their 2012 tour with original lead singer David Lee Roth, have announced a sudden stop to their successful tour. reports a source with ties to the band insists drugs and squabbling, the two most likely culprits given the band’s tumultuous history, are not to blame for the stoppage.

Instead, the band blames an overly ambitious schedule convinced them to postpone 36 shows.

The band risks upsetting its image with the announcement. Even older rock stars don’t want to admit the passage of time, let alone the need for a little rest and relaxation. But it’s equally obvious the whole truth may not be out quite yet.

When it comes to celebrity explanations, sometimes the first news leak isn’t the last.