Trailer Talk: "Red Hook Summer" Brings Lee Back to Filmaking Roots

Trailer Talk: "Red Hook Summer" Brings Lee Back to Filmaking Roots

Director Spike Lee returns to Brooklyn with his latest film, “Red Hook Summer.” The trailer has just been released online and the film mainly stars a cast of unknowns. Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for the synopsis and some thoughts:

Synopsis:  A middle-class boy from Atlanta finds his worldview changed as he spends the summer with his deeply religious grandfather in the housing projects of Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Thoughts: After finding success with the more commercial “Inside Man” and losing his voice with the mediocre “Miracle at St. Anna,” Lee appears as though he is returning to his very independent roots with this film. Lee will even reprise his role as Mookie from his “Do the Right Thing.” It will be interesting to see how his vision of inner city, Brooklyn life changed and evolved over the years, if it has at all.

It’s hard to tell where the film will go. The trailer suggests a young, inner city love story, but it also suggests a teacher- student bonding story and even a story about religion gone wild. Hopefully, Lee doesn’t let these many themes run away from him and lose sight of what he wants to bring across.

“Red Hook Summer” previously premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to reviews that ranged from absolutely terrible to high praise. If anything, the film looks like it has voice and that’s one thing we can all agree that Spike Lee has, whether we agree or disagree with that voice.

Overall, the film looks intriguing enough to check out. Spike Lee may actually provide something original and grounded…or the film could just end up being a self indulgent mess. Let’s hope for the former.

“Red Hook Summer” opens on August 10th.