Katie Holmes Returns to the Catholic Church – Sort Of

Katie Holmes Returns to the Catholic Church – Sort Of

Well, Katie Holmes has gone back to Catholicism — sort of.  Having divorced Tom Cruise while leaving Scientology behind, Holmes registered as a parishioner at the Church of St. Francis Xavier in New York City. 

Returning to Catholicism is certainly a step toward regaining traditional religion, but don’t count your chickens yet; the church Holmes chose just happens to be the same church Nancy Pelosi frequented while she was Speaker of the House.

You might think any Catholic Church Pelosi felt comfortable at would be somewhat marginal, as Catholicism goes, and you’d be correct. The Church of St. Frances Xavier is a left-wing incarnation of the Catholic Church; its members have marched in New York City’s Gay Pride parade for years.

So Holmes has left the realm of science fiction and returned to Earth; but not quite back to traditional morality yet.