CNN Hires Liberal Spurlock, Ignores Own Growing Bias Problems

CNN Hires Liberal Spurlock, Ignores Own Growing Bias Problems

Morgan Spurlock is no Michael Moore.

The Oscar-winning Moore is a propagandist of the first order, a far-left type whose in-your-face theatrics are meant to sing, sing sing to the progressive choir.

Spurlock is more folksy and less divisive. Yet anyone who’s seen Spurlock features like “Super Size Me” and “Where in the World is Osama bin Laden?” knows he also brings a left-of-center view point to his work.

No problem there.

So why is CNN, a network which increasingly looks like MSNBC Jr., adding Spurlock to its roster?

Morgan Spurlock will host and produce the new CNN series  “Inside Man,” which will air in April 2013 alongside CNN’s new series with Anthony Bourdain.

The “Supersize Me” director will look at gun lovers, marijuana growers, migrant farm workers, and end-of-life caregivers and other little-seen people. It arrives as CNN tries to emerge from a serious ratings lull.

Bourdain is also left of center, for the record.

MSNBC already trails Fox News in the ratings race, with the bumbling Current TV not even close behind. Yet CNN continues to appeal to MSNBC’s liberal audience while pretending to be a nonpartisan news outlet.