Box Office Predictions: 'Twilight' Finale Goes Over the Top

Box Office Predictions: 'Twilight' Finale Goes Over the Top

Last week, Sensei called James Bond’s “Skyfall” very close. This week, the super successful “Twilight” series ends with the release of its final installment. But just how high can it go?

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two” ($150 million) – The pieces are in place for a “Hunger Games”-like opening ($152 million). The film’s marketing was sharp, and fans have already started lining up for showtimes. It’s sad to see such a successful franchise end. Wanted to wish this particular film series all the best.

2. “Skyfall” ($45 million) – After last week’s stellar opening, James Bond is most certainly back. Film will easily crack the $150 million domestic mark in its second weekend. Quite impressive. Film will also remain on track to become the franchise’s most successful entry ever.

3. “Wreck-It-Ralph” ($21 million) – Continuing its firm hold of family audiences, film will easily grab a top five spot. “Ralph’s” production budget was very expensive, though ($165 million) and will need a few more weekends like these to be profitable.

4. “Lincoln” ($19 million) – Steven’s Spielberg’s latest is already receiving Oscar buzz. Add to this strong strong critical reviews, the reliable subject matter (who doesn’t love Abraham Lincoln’s record as President?), and the expansion to 1,500+ theaters after its modest first weekend. Off these factors, look for a solid weekend gross.

5. “Flight” ($8 million) – This one will round out the top five and has already earned back its $31 million dollar production budget. Film will break the $60 million domestic mark this weekend.

That’s Sensei’s calls.  Have a great weekend.