Lovitz Stands Up for Israel, Slams 'Terrorist' Hamas

Lovitz Stands Up for Israel, Slams 'Terrorist' Hamas

Jon Lovitz won’t pull a Kim Kardashian regarding Israel.

The reality show darling expressed a plea for the safety of people living in the Jewish state a few days ago at the start of new hostilities in the region. Kardashian quickly retracted her statement after a flood of hate tweets and death threats greeted her social media message.

Lovitz has no intention of backing down. The “Saturday Night Live” alum shared his full-throated support for Israel on Twitter, blasting Hamas as a terrorist organization and vowing not to back away from his words.

It’s also sad to hear Americans defend Hamas, a terrorist organization. Israel has a right to defend its citizens.

Israel is ridiculous that they don’t like 1000’s of rockets fired at them. They should just accept it.

What about the inevitable backlash from Hamas supporters and israel haters?

Retribution from who? Jew haters? Who cares? They already hate me and have never met me. Fuck ’em.