Winslet, Freeman Weigh In Againt War on Drugs

Winslet, Freeman Weigh In Againt War on Drugs

The War on Drugs took a new turn when states like Colorado approved first the use of medical marijuana and then later the ability to possess a limited amount of the drug.

A new documentary hopes to add fuel to the anti-war fire, and it’s getting some Oscar-plated endorsements along the way.

“Breaking the Taboo,” debuting on YouTube Dec. 7, has recruited both Morgan Freeman and Kate Winslet to promote the notion that the War on Drugs has failed. Freeman lends his voice to the production while Winslet is part of a promotional video to gin up interest in the film.

“Taboo” also features appearances by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, two ex-presidents who see the War on Drugs differently since leaving office.