Hollywood Demonizes Israel With Oscar Picks

Hollywood Demonizes Israel With Oscar Picks

There was a time when Hollywood saw Israel in a positive light; a refuge for Jews who had been hounded and massacred throughout their history and miraculously returned to reunite in their ancient homeland with the Jews who had never left.

That time is over. Now Hollywood looks for every excuse to whitewash the poor Palestinians, who have never accepted a Jewish presence in the land and have been launching murderous attacks against them ever since the Hebron massacres of 1929, and vilify the Jews, who are the big, bad oppressors of the Palestinians, ignoring that the Arabs in Israel live more freely than virtually every Arab country.

Thus the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards has nominated two films out of Israel for the Best Documentary Film of 2012 which both attack Israel and its actions while portraying the Palestinians as victims of the Israeli people.

“5 Broken Cameras,” produced and directed by an Arab Palestinian, Emad Burnat, and an Israeli Jew, Guy Davidi, revolves around the Arab village of Bil’in. The Arabs there protest weekly against the security fence Israel constructed in order to keep murderous thugs from entering Jewish villages and towns and killing Jews. The film documents those protests, and the 5 cameras referenced in the title are supposedly 5 cameras that the Israelis broke so no one would see the protests.

Whether that is true or not, (and it is quite possible the Arabs surreptitiously broke the cameras themselves, just as videos exist of supposed dead victims of Israeli actions suddenly getting up and walking away) there is a more damning accusation the film could have made; the death of Jawaher abu Rahma, on Dec. 31, 2010.

After Abu Rahma, 36, died, Palestinians claimed that she died because Israelis used tear gas against one of the so-called “non-violent” protests against the security fence. But later, the truth was revealed; she wasn’t even at the protest on the day in question. She died at a Palestinian hospital in Ramallah because of medical malpractice.

Doubtless there aren’t going to be any films made about that.  Doubtless Hollywood would ignore them if there were.

The producers are trying to pressure Israeli schools to run the film so that Jewish youngsters will be turned against the Israeli Army. And Hollywood will be only too glad to cooperate.

The second movie, “The Gatekeepers,” directed by Dror Moreh, interviews the six surviving directors of Israel’s Shin Bet security service. But that’s not enough to vilify Israel, so Moreh shows numerous shots of bomb sites and makes a point of getting the directors to talk about their use of harsh interrogation techniques in order to extract information from terrorists.

But as has been confirmed long before now, those interrogation techniques have saved hundreds and possibly thousands of lives.

There is a documentary about the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish world  titled “Fill The Void” that renders Jews in a positive light, but notably the Academy wasn’t interested.

The truth of the matter is that most Jews in Hollywood are not religious, and so their ties to the state of Israel are tenuous at best. Their religion is whatever passes for liberalism, which in the present-day means kissing up to the Palestinians and demonizing Israel. The few religious Jews in Hollywood are almost uniformly conservative (as are most religious Jews everywhere) but unfortunately they aren’t the ones in positions of power in Tinseltown.