Jamie Lee Curtis Still Fuming Over Oscars' 'Boobs' Musical Number

Jamie Lee Curtis Still Fuming Over Oscars' 'Boobs' Musical Number

Jamie Lee Curtis couldn’t hold back any more.

The actress best known for her work in Halloween, Trading Places and A Fish Called Wanda, took to the cyber pages of The Huffington Post to blast Seth MacFarlane’s I Saw Your Boobs number during the Feb. 24 Oscars telecast.

Seems Curtis, no stranger to appearing nude on the big screen, says the Oscars shouldn’t be reduced to a “cheesy vaudeville show.” She also appears to have paper thin skin when it comes to mockery by her peers.

The ‘boob’ song, as it will be known in perpetuity, may go down as the highest-rated Oscar number in history, but at what cost? I’m sure public executions would get big ratings too, but is that what the Oscars are truly about? Ratings? When did they turn into a ‘roast’? At least at a roast you know what’s in store. What if actors and actresses stopped attending the Oscars because it was deemed open session to ridicule and parody them? Would the Academy be so cavalier then?

I am an actress who has bared her breasts in films to satisfy the requirement of the role I was asked to do — lucky to do, for in my case, those films were significant in my career. I didn’t like doing it. I didn’t ask if I could do them topless. I did what was asked of me for the part I was playing. Mostly asked by men.

The entire entertainment industry is about ratings, so why is Curtis suddenly frustrated by something that might actually lure some viewers in? It’s been an Oscar night tradition for hosts to roast the actors and actresses in the audience. Sure, the roasting isn’t as flammable as when Ricky Gervais is doing the honors, but it’s still part of recent Oscar tradition.