Cher Calls Benghazi Investigation 'Witch Hunt'

Cher Calls Benghazi Investigation 'Witch Hunt'

You can’t blame Cher for wanting to turn back time to a news cycle without a smoking gun targeting the Obama administration’s actions in the wake of the Benghazi terror attack.

The far-left singer, prone to using ALL CAPS to make her political ramblings louder, is one of the few liberal personalities coming to President Barack Obama’s defense on the exploding Benghazi scandal.

Cher celebrated Mother’s Day over the weekend by promoting a new Lifetime TV special featuring her and her mother. In between, a social media user wondered what Cher’s thoughts were on the four mothers who lost their sons in the terrorist attack in Benghazi late last year. She tweeted:

ONE LIFE,Is one life Too Many, but turning a horrendous attack, into a political witch hunt is a disgrace! Ask Jason Chaffetz

Chaffetz is the Republican congressman who was brought to tears during Hill testimony over the terrorist attack and its aftermath.