Veteran Actor Dennis Farina Dies

Veteran Actor Dennis Farina Dies

Veteran character actor Dennis Farina, known for his salt and pepper hair, gruff demeanor and penchant for stealing scenes, has died at the age of 69.

Farina’s most memorable work came in films like Get Shorty, Midnight Run and NBC’s Law & Order. No cause of death was immediately announced.

The actor spent 18 years as a Chicago cop, a fact that comes as little surprise to audiences given the gravitas he brought to his gallery of performances. Farina was more than just another screen tough guy. He could convey a deep sense of pain beneath the bravado.

Consider his 2011 indie film The Last Rites of Joe May, a project which gave the character actor the chance to lead a film. His quietly powerful turn reminded audiences he could command the screen without the help of any A-lister.