NBC Preps 'Immaculate Conception' Show

NBC Preps 'Immaculate Conception' Show

With a secular retooling of Christianity’s concept of the immaculate conception, NBC is set to offer a show billed as a “supernatural mystery” featuring not one, but dozens of “immaculate conceptions.”

As the show unfolds, we will see the lives of “those few children who survived” their miraculous birth obviating Christianity’s central concept that only the son of God was so born. The series will focus on these special humans who are “destined to change the world.”

Conception is being penned by writer John Glenn who is responsible for such shows as the upcoming Fix It Men for ABC and the movie Abducted for Paramount.

Glenn also wrote the Shia LaBeouf vehicle Eagle Eye and The Lazarus Project starring Paul Walker.

The writer also sold several other concepts recently that never went to series.

This project is a rare “put pilot” for NBC, almost assuring it will go to series. A put pilot is a contract deal that places penalties on the network if the show does not go to series. Such contracts are rare due to their expense and because of the box into which it places network executives.