Michael Moore's Oscar Ouster Won't Change Bias Behind Awards

Michael Moore's Oscar Ouster Won't Change Bias Behind Awards

Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore no longer serves as a governor on the Academy’s documentary board.

Conservative producer Gerald Molen praised Moore’s exit, and rightly so. Few artists are as unabashedly biased in their thinking as Moore, which instantly taints the Oscars vetting process.

Moore’s ouster will likely change little regarding the Academy Awards’ documentary category.

The Fahrenheit 9/11 director was replaced by Alex Gibney, another progressive filmmaker whose biases bleed liberally into his work. Are we to assume Gibney will give both right and left-leaning projects a fair shake? The documentary board determines which features will be given Oscar consideration in a given year.

More importantly, the documentary category has a history of bias that can’t be pinned on Moore. Was Moore in charge when An Inconvenient Truth won the Best Documentary Oscar in 2007?

The industry is overwhelmingly left of center, as is the documentary genre. The voters lean left, the filmmakers do the same, and that leaves the rare conservative documentary stuck essentially scrambling for support.

Moore was a poor choice for the documentary board in the first place, but his exit won’t have a major impact on what films win awards in the immediate future.