Canadian Mayor Says Neil Young's Enviro-Messages 'Extreme'

Canadian Mayor Says Neil Young's Enviro-Messages 'Extreme'

The mayor of a Canadian city described as a looking like “Hiroshima” by rocker Neil Young is fighting back against the eco-troubadour.

Young instigated the war of words when he described Fort McMurray as resembling a nuclear bomb site due to its oil sands production. The fumes are everywhere, Young told the crowd at an event held by the National Farmers Union Monday.

Fort McMurray Mayor Melissa Blake quickly returned fire, telling CBC News that Young’s critique was “extreme” and not worthy serious consideration.

Blake added, “The community’s reaction is inevitably not happy, probably outraged, because it’s such a gross misrepresentation.”

Young’s eco-passions got him into trouble recently when his green car broke down.

The Sierra Sun reports that Neil Young was on his way to an environmentalists festival when his custom-made $1 million biomass-powered hybrid electric car broke down on a stretch of California highway lookin’ more than two lanes wide near Donner Summit last month.