Madonna's 17-Minute Art Film Dubbed 'Insufferable'

Madonna's 17-Minute Art Film Dubbed 'Insufferable'

Madonna’s reign as a pop superstar is undeniable, but she’s had far less success cracking the movie business.

That’s being kind, given big screen flops like Swept Away.

Now, Madonna has released a 17-minute short that’s already drawing snickers from the entertainment press.

Dubbed Secretprojectrevolution, the black and white film features Madonna moaning about prejudice, hate and intolerance, all the while posturing as if it were just another music video montage.

“If I was a black man and had an Afro would you take me seriously? If I was an Arab waving a hand grenade would you take me seriously?” she says during the film.

Roger Friedman of isn’t buying Madonna’s new project:

This sophomoric nonsense is the product of a 55 year old woman whose view of the world really comes from her own isolation from reality.

The film opens with Madonna complaining, “the enemy is not out there. The enemy is within.” She then proceeds to shoot various model types with a gun while applause rings loud off screen. Later, many limber, shirtless male dancers attempt interpretive movements interspliced with Madonna in a variety of thoughtful poses.

Breitbart News readers can judge for themselves if Madge has made a quality film or yet another vanity project.