Burden of Celebrity? Don't Make Jerry Seinfeld Laugh

Burden of Celebrity? Don't Make Jerry Seinfeld Laugh

What’s the deal with celebrities who complain about being famous?

Gwyneth Paltrow recently compared being insulted online to time in a war zone, and Charlize Theron said paparazzi pressure is like being raped.

Jerry Seinfeld is more famous than both, but you won’t hear him complain about life as a celebrity.

Here’s the observational comic telling Esquire magazine why he scoffs at the very notion of a “burden of fame.”

SR: Can you live a normal life? Can you be a dad? Can you go to the movies?

JS: Every single thing, yes. Everything is in how you are going to handle it. As a lifelong nightclub comic, I’m ready to handle whatever I have to handle. Celebrity is no different from any other energy. It’s a force for good or evil. It’s no different from money. It’s power.

Seinfeld laughed at the “burden of celebrity” line of questioning.

JS: I’m going to have the oatmeal. With honey, please. [To Raab] The burden of celebrity? You got the wrong guy. Anybody that so-called bothers you you’re making them happy. What the hell else am I here to do? If I could make someone feel better? There are people that are ill-mannered. But I like to help people with their manners. “You know, you’re a total stranger. You can’t just yell at me. I don’t know you.” The first time you get stopped by a cop for speeding–and in your side-view mirror you see this guy coming up to the car and he’s got this look on his face like I’m going to take this guy to town–and as soon as he sees your face he bursts into a big smile, you don’t complain about celebrity anymore.

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