Adam Carolla: White People Want Redskins Name Change to Feel Better About Themselves

Adam Carolla: White People Want Redskins Name Change to Feel Better About Themselves

Adam Carolla isn’t necessarily against changing the name of the Washington Redskins to a less offensive moniker. He just knows what will happen should the change take place.

In very short–nothing.

Carolla hit the issue earlier this month on his popular podcast, arguing that previous examples of team name changes involving Native Americans show how little it does to help that group. In fact, focusing on changing a team’s name takes energy away from efforts that could truly help the people in question.

But what I’m saying is we have a finite amount of energy and attention to give to things and what we do, it’s really, it’s kind of a bullshit move. We focus on something that really is not going to affect this community at all and it’s a struggling community and again, we do this with many struggling communities. We pick out one thing, we go super hard on it, we focus like a laser beam, we focus on it and then we act like if this somehow works, all will be right in that community. 

It’s not going to affect that community at all. How do I know? It’s been done. It’s a million high schools that have gone from the Warriors to the Bullfrogs or the Comanches to the whatever. It’s not helping that community.

Is Redskins an offensive name? Yes. Is it going to do anything to help the people who are offended by it? Zero. Are there more, problem white people, offended by it than there are Native Americans? Yes. Thus, it becomes a way for us to feel better about ourselves for what we’ve done to these people. But if we really wanted to help these people there are 700,000 modalities we should explore before a professional franchise changes their name.