CMA Awards Monologue Draws Laughter: 'That's Why the Democrats Lost the Senate'

CMA Awards Monologue Draws Laughter: 'That's Why the Democrats Lost the Senate'

At this year’s 48th annual Country Music Awards, Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley opened the show with a monologue that quickly turned political, poking fun at President Obama, White House security, and historic Democrat losses in congress.

Paisley and Underwood opened with a monologue dedicated to George Strait, and after a little crowd interaction, played an adaptation of “Jolene” inspired by Maine nurse Kaci Hickox titled “Quarantine.” 

Hickox made headlines most recently when she refused to quarantine herself after returning from West Africa, where she was working with Doctors Without Borders. 

Things got a little rowdy from there, as the stars took a few jabs at country pop star Taylor Swift. The hosts claimed the world is suffering from an epidemic of “PPTSD,” or Post Partum Taylor Swift Disorder, which was apparently a reference to Swift’s new music. 

“You can’t turn on the T.V., or open up a newspaper, or click on a website without being reminded of the epidemic we’re all facing, and I don’t think I’m out of line in saying that this condition has hit Nashville the hardest,” said Paisley. Underwood then joined him in unison before they described the disorder. 

“Post Partum Taylor Swift Disorder,” they said. “Or as it’s more commonly known, “PPTSD!”

The crowd reaction was positive, as this isn’t the kind of humor we’re used to seeing in Hollywood. 

“Why isn’t our government doing something about this? I’ll be the first one to say it, President Obama does not care about Post Partum Taylor Swift disorder,” Paisley said, before Underwood chimed in, “I’m pretty sure that’s why the Democrats lost the senate.”

Underwood drew loud cheers from the crowd, and the pair had to pause for a moment to let the noise come down. Paisley went on to describe that he had spoken to President Obama about the disorder, arranging a meeting by jumping the fence at the White House and slipping in through an open door.