Hustler’s Larry Flynt Endorses Hillary Clinton for President


Hustler magnate Larry Flynt is ready for Hillary.

In an interview with Bloomberg Politics, the renowned pornographer said he’ll throw his support behind the former secretary of state in the 2016 election.

“I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton for president, but I don’t think she needs my endorsement,” Flynt told Bloomberg reporter John Heilemann.

Flynt said that with Clinton as president, the makeup of the Supreme Court could be shifted left for the first time in decades.

“We’ve had a right-leaning court for half a century,” Flynt said. “But if Hillary gets in, chances are she’s going to have an opportunity to appoint two, maybe three justices… and we could shift the balance there.”

Flynt has long been a supporter of Democratic political candidates, particularly former President Bill Clinton. During the height of Clinton’s impeachment hearings in the late 90s, Flynt’s Hustler magazine offered readers a $1 million reward for information about any sexual indiscretions of Republican members of Congress. The contest ensnared Republican Speaker-elect Bob Livingston, a vocal supporter of impeachment who was forced to resign his House seat. Clinton eventually beat his impeachment proceedings a short time later.

Flynt told Bloomberg that at a fundraiser for Jack Carter’s Senate run in Las Vegas in 2006, the former president walked up to him, shook his hand and said, “You’re my hero.”

“He can say whatever he wants,” Flynt said, noting that Clinton has denied saying those words. “I have three witnesses.”

“All she needs to do is start fighting back” against the allegations of misconduct outlined in the book Clinton Cash, by Peter Schweizer. Flynt called the book about Clinton’s tenure at the State Department a “smear campaign.”

In a 2011 interview with San Diego CityBeat, Flynt described himself as a “civil libertarian to the core.”

“Another thing that might surprise you about me is that I’m also very much a conservative,” Flynt said at the time. “I’m especially conservative on fiscal issues, in terms of how I handle my money, but on social issues I’m totally liberal. I don’t think the government has any business in your bedroom whatsoever, and it’s none of their business who you’re in there with or what you’re doing.”