‘WildStar’ MMO Dropping Subscription, Goes Free-to-Play This Fall

Carbine Studios/NCSoft
Carbine Studios/NCSoft

The sci-fi massively multiplayer online role-playing game WildStar, developed by Carbine Studios, will go free-to-play starting this fall.

A paid “Signature Membership,” however, is expected to grant boosts for in-game coin, experience points, crafting, and loot. Loyalty Points are another feature that will benefit previously paying members.

Carbine will institute Omnibits as an in-game currency; players can purchase things to improve their looks or their efficiency with these or real-life money. On this decision, creative director Mike Donatelli stated “obviously it won’t be as fast as if you just spent $5, but we want people to see that stuff in-game, think it’s cool and then – if they want to – get it without spending any extra cash.”

Commenting on the choice to make WildStar free-to-play, fellow creative director Chad Moore said “it just made sense to remove all those barriers so we can get as many players who want to try the game in.” These barriers also refer to content elements such as enemy dispersion to make the game a little easier.

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