‘Jurassic World’ Facing Boycott Over ‘Racist’ Dinosaur Name?

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Los Angeles, CA

A story that finds its origins during the Cretaceous Period has come to a head during the Age of Sensitivity.

People have definitely become more aware of the words being used to describe other cultures, and at least a handful of them are taking issue with a dinosaur introduced in the record-breaking film Jurassic World.

The dinosaur in question: the Pachycephalosaurus (pak-ee-SEF-uh-lo-SAWR-us).

The problem: when shortened to “pachy,” the animal sounds too much like an offensive slur used in the U.K. to refer to people from Pakistan, according to British comedian Mobeen, who also goes by Guzzy Bear.

Guzzy has taken to YouTube to go after Jurassic World for introducing the term ‘pakisaurus’ to mainstream audiences, according to Metro.

“The pakis are out of control again?” the comedian objects in the video below, before asking fans of the franchise to boycott both the film and Steven Spielberg.

While Guzzy Bear is obviously joking, a handful of Twitter users found the complaints valid, and joined the discussion:

As of June 23, Jurassic World has brought in nearly $1 billion.

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