PopCap Games Cofounder Jason Kapalka a Leading Social Justice Benefactor


As Patreon user information starts to be leaked and dissected following the site’s hacking last month, an interesting fact has already emerged. Jason Kapalka, a cofounder of PopCap Games, is the top donor to two of the most prominent professional victims on the internet, Zoe Quinn and Randi Harper.

Kapalka donates $200 a month to Quinn, the leaked data published to 8chan reveals. Quinn was most recently heard testifying to a UN panel on why the internet needs to be censored. He also donates $500 a month to Randi Harper, whose sordid history and crimes against the internet were documented by Breitbart in a threepart series.

It’s baffling why a game designer who successfully captured the casual gaming market long before Zynga and mobile gaming existed would be tangled up in social justice. Unlike the video games produced by hanger-on and grievance-monger Quinn and her ilk, Kapalka’s company produced successful and well-liked games such as Zuma, Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies.

These are games enjoyed by millions — including, I’ve been told, some hardcore gamers who furtively glance over their shoulders to make sure no one sees them playing a game their mother downloaded onto her PC.

PopCap Games was sold to EA in 2011 for $750 million. Kapalka left the company in 2014. Since then, he has been involved in projects such as a Kickstarter campaign for a company he has invested in. Perhaps he decided to become the Medici of the mendacious out of sheer boredom?

Kapalka had not responded to a request for comment as we went to press.

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