‘Deadpool’ Film to Feature First ‘Pansexual’ Superhero

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox
Los Angeles, CA

The director of Marvel’s Deadpool says the title character in the upcoming R-rated film will be the first “pansexual” superhero.

In an interview with Collider about Deadpool, which director Tim Miller and actor Ryan Reynolds spent years attempting to move forward before getting the green light from 20th Century Fox, Miller and Reynolds opened up about the title character’s sexual orientation, which has previously been hinted at as being omnisexual.

They were asked if the film would see its main character “very hypersexualized.”

“Pansexual! I want that quoted. Pansexual Deadpool,” said Miller, confirming the character to be the first in the Marvel universe to be sexually fluid.

Reynolds, who previously played the character of Deadpool in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, elaborated, saying, “There is some sexuality in this movie for sure. You kinda think you have moments when you’re shooting where you think, ‘This is, uh, a little excessive. This is a comic book movie. Are we gonna get away with this?’ But so far so good. Studio hasn’t crushed us with anything.”

Deadpool’s co-creator confirmed on Twitter this summer that the character’s sexual orientation is fluid.

“Have answered so many times. DP brain cells are in CONSTANT FLUX. He can be gay one minute, hetero the next, etc. ALL ARE VALID,” Fabian Nicieza tweeted.

Miller and Reynolds did not disclose how large a role the sexuality of the character would play in the R-rated film, which is due out in February.

Watch a trailer for Deadpool below.