Lena Dunham Launches Online Store for Feminist Merchandise

Los Angeles, CA

After starting the feminist bi-weekly newsletter Lenny Letter earlier this year, Girls star Lena Dunham and her business partner Jenni Konner have officially launched an online store.

Dubbed the Lenny Store, the online shop officially launched on Cyber Monday with items marketed to Dunham’s feminist fanbase.

In an article in Lenny Letter about the store, Dunham and Konner wrote that they hope to represent “grassroots feminist businesses.”

“Here at Lenny, we love politics, feminism, radical art, and also things. Cute things, pretty things, things with style… So when we first envisioned Lenny, we immediately knew that we needed to have a store,” the duo wrote.

Some of the items for sale include:

$46 “FEMINIST” Banner:

Bring this Lenny x Funcult banner anywhere you need a little extra empowerment. Because you’re a proud feminist. Duh


$46 “STAUNCH” Banner:

If you’re like us then you’ve seen the Grey Gardens documentary more times than you care to count, and you remember Little Edie’s classic quote about “S-T-A-U-N-C-H” women. This Lenny x Funcult banner will look good in your bedroom, kitchen, office, or any other place that might benefit from some STAUNCH vibes.


$75 Lady Incense Holders:

Incense is an important part of any Lennys day, whether dabbling in low-key spells or enjoying some good-ass nag champa, a little incense is always great for boosting your mood and achieving maximum relaxation.


$20 “Dismantle the Patriarchy” Patch Set:

Battling the patriarchy every day can get exhausting as heck, but with this Lenny x Rosehound patch collection, you can let everyone know what you’re up to. Bonus: Patches are a great way to meet like-minded peeps out in this crazy world!


$12 “Nudes” Nail Wraps:

The ‘Nudes’ design features 20 decals with cheeky illustrations of well, nudes! Abstract enough to be safe for work, but cool enough to make a statement.


Many of the items being sold are in collaboration with independent feminist businesses, according to Lenny Letter.

“We strongly believe that cute and cool come at every price point, and we also adore the culture of self-made businesses popping up in the Instagram age,” wrote Dunham and Konner.

You can see the rest of their merchandise here.