JCPenney Defends ‘Period Skirt’ After Social Media Freaks Out

JCPenney skirt

JCPenney is standing by a questionable-looking white skirt with a magenta-colored flower that, at least from one angle, makes the wearer look exceptionally awkward.

The uproar over the skirt began when an Imgur user snapped a photo of the skirt in the clothing retailer’s latest catalog.

“Really could’ve picked a better place for that ‘flower’ design…” the poster captioned the photo.

As the photo of the so-called “period skirt” circulated around the Internet, customers and social media users questioned both the color and placement of the skirt’s flower.

In a statement on its Twitter page Thursday, JCPenney responded to the criticism by cheekily standing by its latest product: “We think it’s a fab skirt for any time of the month. Period.”

To be fair, a photo of the skirt on JCPenney’s website shows that the flower is further off to the skirt’s side than initially revealed in the catalog snap. It is also obviously not called the “period skirt,” but rather the “Worthington Side Slit Pencil Skirt.”

JCPenney has a history of creating products with questionable likenesses: a tea kettle on the company’s website quickly sold out in 2013 after customers pointed out its remarkable resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

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