Actress Emily Ratajkowski: I’m Too Sexy to Land ‘Serious Roles’

Emily Ratajkowski via Instagram

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski says her good looks have caused psychological suffering her whole life. Now that she’s known as one of the sexiest women in her industry, Ratajkowski is speaking out.

The 24-year-old actress was just 21 when she danced topless in Robin Thick’s 2013 smash hit “Blurred Lines.” A year later, Ratajkowski, going topless again, co-starred alongside Ben Affleck in the blockbuster Gone Girl. She’s credited with a half-dozen film and television roles and is currently shooting two feature films.

Though Ratajkowski’s sex appeal has brought her the kind of success and fame that countless 20-somethings in Hollywood would kill for, she says it’s the very thing that’s keeping her from landing serious roles. 

“If you’re a sexy actress it’s hard to get serious roles. You get offered the same thing that they’ve seen you in,” Ratajkowski told ES Magazine. “People are like sheep and they’re like ‘Oh, that’s what she does well.'”

The Entourage star says she’s perplexed by the fact that she’s not being giving roles that show off her acting chops, as opposed to her bare skin.

“What’s so dumb is that women are 50 percent of the population and they want to spend money to see movies where they’re portrayed as three-dimensional characters,” she said.

Ironically, Ratajkowski’s fame catapulted again after she posted a, you guessed it, topless selfie with fellow sex symbol Kim Kardashian earlier this year. The middle finger-flipping photo was relentlessly mocked on social media and was deemed a “tacky” setback for feminism by Piers Morgan. 

Defending the topless selfie, Ratajkowski appeared to want to have it both ways, saying: “We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them or our sexuality. .”

“Kim was kind enough to send me flowers,” Ratajkowski told the magazine. “Then we decided to do a selfie with our tops off, flipping off the camera, which I think speaks for itself.”

Like any artist in her industry, Ratajkowski doesn’t have to accept sex symbol gigs. Her next two films see her taking on leading roles in a London-based crime thriller, In Darkness, and a 1980s-set love story, Cruise. 

We’ll see if she can keep her shirt on.

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