Hollywood Embraces ‘Scrotox’ Cosmetic Testicle Injections


It sounds like a medical procedure that only the most egregiously vain actors would pursue, but testicle rejuvenation treatments are apparently on the rise in Hollywood.

According to industry trade publication The Hollywood Reporter, doctors in Beverly Hills are increasingly fielding requests from male patients who want to smooth out their downstairs area, so to speak, apparently inspired by female-equivalent treatments made increasingly popular by actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow.

The procedure, nicknamed “Scrotox,” involves injecting Botox directly into the skin of the scrotum and is said to make testicles appear larger as well as decrease wrinkling and sweating around the treated area.

Plastic surgeon and co-host of The Doctors television show Andrew Ordon told THR that it was inevitable that men would want the same cosmetic genital treatment offered to women in recent years.

“It is clear that we are going to be seeing more done on men’s private areas, for men wanting smoothing down there,” Ordon told the outlet.

The procedure’s popularity isn’t just limited to Hollywood; plastic surgeons told UK paper The Sun last month that the number of men inquiring about obtaining Scrotox in the UK has doubled in the past year, reflecting a “huge demand and interest.”

New York City-based plastic surgeon Andew Schulman told Men’s Fitness this week that the procedure is nothing new to his colleagues, though its popularity has definitely increased. Schulman added that the treatment is most popular among professional cyclists and runners who wish to decrease sweating and chafing in the area.

“The idea of injecting Botox into the scrotum to smooth the wrinkles has been around for many years among plastic surgeons; however, none of us thought it would be something consumers would request,” Schulman told the outlet.

Schulman also warned that before trying out the procedure, men should realize that it may not result in the desired effect.

“Relaxation of the scrotal skin will lead to a smoother, ‘floppier,’ and longer scrotum. This appearance is more consistent with an ‘older’ scrotum,” Schulman told Men’s Fitness.


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