Exclusive Video – Jackie Mason Blasts Democrats for ‘Trying to Get Even’ by Blocking Trump Picks

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In his latest exclusive video for Breitbart News, Jackie tears up Democratic lawmakers who live like kings on taxpayer money and then proceed to waste everybody’s time by blocking President Donald Trump’s Cabinet appointments.

“To call themselves a Party is embarrassing. To call themselves legislators is disgusting,” Jackie fumes. “To even call themselves human beings is obnoxious and disgusting.”

“What are you wasting everybody’s time collecting dollars and opportunities to be a legislator so you can sit in Washington and do nothing for a living and hang around there like a prince, like a king with nothing to do, and you spend all your time trying to get even with the people from the opposite party. Why? Because you lost an election and you can’t tolerate it and you can’t live with it.”

Jackie also has a personal message for Sen. Chuck Schumer: “There must be something wrong with a person who can’t be ashamed of himself while he’s making a fool of himself every day.”

Watch Mason’s latest above.


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