A Possible Political Beating in New Orleans, a Collective Shrug from the MSM

Last Friday night in New Orleans a female political operative named Allee Bautsch and her boyfriend, Joe Brown, were attacked and seriously injured by a vicious group of crazed cowards who shrieked insults while pouncing. After the pummeling, the petite woman and her boyfriend were left, collectively, with a compound leg fracture, a concussion, a broken nose and broken jaw. Here’s part of the police report:

According to investigators, the victims were walking from a function at a restaurant in the 400 block of Royal Street . When they entered the 600 block of Saint Louis Street , three to five Caucasian males made derogatory comments to the 25-year-old female and her 28-year-old male friend. When the male victim turned towards the group of men, one or more of the suspects struck the victim several times. At some point the female victim fell to the ground and screamed. The suspects then fled on foot. Officers in the area heard the female screaming and responded to the scene and broadcasted a description of the suspects and requested Emergency Medical Paramedics. As the female was waiting for EMS , she used her purse as a pillow. When the victim was in the ambulance, she discovered her purse was missing.

The female was transported to a hospital where she was treated for a broken leg. The male victim was also transported to the hospital and was treated for a mild concussion, fractured jaw and nose.


But wait! Don’t waste your time — if you’re Googling for this item on CNN, New York Times, Wa-Po, MSNBC, Huff-Po, ABC, Salon, CBS, etc. — that is. There was little, if any, coverage of the attack to be found. Instead, you have to look here to get the details.

What? But don’t attacks (physical and/or verbal) of a political nature outrage the MSM outfits to the point of hysteria? Didn’t all the media outfits wail an indignant chorus to the high heavens regarding the “anguish” suffered by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver when hit with a few drops of inadvertent Tea Party spray, to say nothing of the vapors suffered by Barney Frank upon hearing some schoolyard taunts? Didn’t the media spend all last week warning us about the potential for violence in the racist redneck “teabaggers” who were planning their Tax Day marches around the country?

And, just in time for the anniversary tomorrow of the Oklahoma City bombing, didn’t former President Clinton emerge to warn that the “demonization” of government could well fuel the kind of violence that Timothy McVeigh unleashed against the Murrah Federal Building?

Sure. But the beating victims in New Orleans were Republicans, you see. They were emerging from a Republican fundraising dinner at Brennan’s in the French Quarter shortly after attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Their attackers (as appears probable) waved signs saying “Republicans Geaux Home!” and had formed a gantlet outside the restaurant shrieking anti-Republican insults at all who entered and exited its doors.


Yahoo News reported:

Contrary to our initial report, the NOPD is now saying that it does not know whether or not the attacks were politically motivated and the police report lists the motive as unknown. However, Allee Bautsch’s mother, Della Berning, has now joined a friend of Bautsch’s in telling Yahoo! News that, contrary to what Brown initially told police, Bautsch and Brown do believe that the attackers were a group of political protesters who followed them after they left the event. Their recollection is not conclusive, of course, and they admit to having no knowledge of the attackers’ underlying motivations.

After visiting them in the hospital and hearing the details of the attack, a friend of the victims reported to a local blog that the attackers had yelled: “They’re wearing Palin pins!–let’s get ’em!” That report, however, has since been contradicted. Still, the political motive for the attack appears likely to all who’ve dug into the issue. And none have dug as deeply and as effectively as Louisiana Hayride.

It so happened that Friday night your humble servant here, a lifelong New Orleans resident, was in the French Quarter with his wife and their three offspring celebrating the Missus’ birthday. We ran across these protesters on a couple of occasions– and you will never in a million, jillion, gazillion years guess who some sported on their T-shirts!


Alas, my wife’s birthday celebration was not a proper setting for my “discussing” political matters with these folks, but among the shriekers and sign-carriers that formed the gantlet in front of Brennans Restaurant, one waved a sign with Che Guevara’s famous, “Hasta la Victoria Siempre!” Shortly thereafter, a woman was wantonly beaten and severely injured. For those familiar with Che Guevara’s handiwork, nothing could be more fitting.