Barry The Budget Buster!

Barry is now a budget buster.

After being told by the media that President Obama is the new Ronald Reagan, we are now being told he is busting the budget.

“The President says the plan he’s sending to Congress today is gonna slash more than a trillion dollars from the deficit. We’ll tell you what those cuts will mean to you and your family.”

That was George Stephanopoulos on ABC Good Morning America. George left out the part that the President’s plan would be over a ten year period, but when you’re trying to create “Barry the Budget Buster,” you have to leave out little facts like the number of years needed to come up with that trillion dollar number. They just want to help Barry the Budget Buster perpetuate the myth that he is out to protect our dollars from those evil people in government who want to steal them from us.

The deception continued. George finally mentioned that the cuts would take a decade to be fully realized (presumably Obama would be out of the White House by then, unless he chooses to ignore the 22nd amendment.) “OBAMA PROPOSES SEVERE CUTS’ was the graphic at the bottom of the screen. Severe cuts? Which adjective would ABC use to describe the Republicans budget cuts, if they are using “severe” to describe Obama’s, super-duper severe?

As for the facts of the budget, remember those Bush tax cuts that Obama said he was in favor of in 2010? Those would be gone. Also reduced would be the amount of mortgage interest reduced (take that housing industry) and charitable contributions (government wants to be the only distributor of charity).

Steph asked Obama’s Budget Director, Jacob Lew to rate the “pain” that American’s would feel with the new budget, one through 10. Lew would not do that, so I will, but this is not the pain that George and Jacob were thinking of. George, the pain of the President’s budget is 10 out of 10 on American tax payers because this budget adds 7.2 trillion dollars in new debt over 10 years. We are already more than 14 trillion dollars in the hole. George, did you not read those signs at Tea Party rallies? Does your NYC Bubble not allow you to see out?

“We invest in the future,” Lew added. Invest. That is the new code word for more government spending. Since Obama calls spending “investing” then the media is more than willing to go right along. They have also adopted the use of the word when talking about Obama’s budget matters.

Have no fear, Barry the Budget Buster is out there to slash the budget with his “severe cuts.” I will ask one more silly little question: if he’s cutting taxes, debt and the deficit, why would my taxes be going up under his plan? I’m just askin’.