Media Can't Handle The Truth About Ruth

It’s always fun when media and their analysts tie themselves into knots when confronted with something that destroys their template.

Republican front runner Mitt Romney gives 50 or 60 bucks to one of his volunteer campaign staffers and leftists spin themselves into a self-imposed Ken Shamrock-style submission.

The fact that the volunteer was black is driving the left and their media absolutely nuts. “It galls me, I don’t even like to watch it. I felt like it plays into every sort of patronizing stereotype of what black people are.” That was the line on MSNBC over Romney paying Ruth Williams the cash.

Now, let’s get this straight, Williams felt inspired (by God, she said) to volunteer for the Romney campaign before he paid her. She earned the money. She worked for the money. She never expected it, but she was unemployed, she needed the cash and Romney gave it to her. Sounds like a fair transaction to me. Of course, the problem here is that it was done by an Evil Rich Republican who isn’t supposed to do acts of gratitude and since the recipient was a minority they are angrier than an OWS’er being told to find a job. Listen to the entire MSNBC segment and you’ll learn that it’s government’s job to take care of people like this, not churches or individuals. Seriously, these loons have snapped over this.

What they don’t care to mention is that this is nothing unusual for Romney. He sacrificed two and a half years of his life (beginning at age 19) to serve the people of France on an LDS mission. Hey, he was an unpaid community organizer before it was supposedly cool to call yourself that. You can just begin and end with that act of service, but if they cared to look at the rest of his life, they would learn more.

He donated the inheritance given to him by his parents to Brigham Young University to further higher education. While Governor of Massachusetts he took no salary. No salary. While saving the 2002 Olympics from financial disaster he was also unpaid. If elected, he has said he would donate his salary as President of the United States to charity. He donates 10% of his income to his church and I’m going to guess upon closer inspection you would find countless acts of charity—but to mention them would be to destroy what the media thinks of all Republicans and we can’t have that. They need to gasp and be amazed and discredit any conservative acts of kindness.

It’s no surprise that the Activist Old Media cannot handle the truth about who Republicans are and what they represent. It will get worse for whomever the Republican nominee is between now and November 6th.

By the way, it also drives them nuts that Ruth Williams is a Republican. I’m also suggesting that she make sure to report the cash handed her by Romney—she can expect to be fully audited.